At Servify, we are committed to providing our partners and customers with global, world-class support. Given the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to alert you to some potential changes that could affect certain support channels in the coming days. Firstly, since Servify's core platform is driven by technology, human interaction is always at a minimum. However, keeping the situation in mind, we have planned to leverage our global presence for continual support at any impacted location. Our business continuity plan takes many factors into consideration including how we serve customers by location, product and customer segment. We are well equipped to maintain business continuity while ensuring security compliance. We are committed to provide you with the best support possible during this uncertain time. Despite all this, if our service to you is impacted, please do bear with us.

Fostered trust for a new smartphone brand in budget segment

Fostered trust for a new smartphone brand in budget segment


An unknown brand name offering budget smartphones in the fastest growing market in the world. For customer's, the biggest concern was of reliable and assured support when buying a 10.or phone.

Servify Approach

With a warranty buy-out model, Servify took complete ownership of after-sales service for 10.or. Each 10.or phone was also shipped with a pre-installed Customer Assistance solution which could self diagnose. A dedicated Customer Happiness team was also set up to handle customer queries. Servify's insights in parts management and logistics also ensured Service Centers were well equipped to help 10.or customers across India.


Using Servify's advanced replacement model, 90% of service requests could be closed within 3 business days. Coupled with Forecasting, Planning & Procurement for 10.or spares, a minimum of 8 weeks inventory is always available at the repair factory for the refurbishing and repair activity. This has led to an increase in Customer Satisfaction scores and boosted trust in the brand.